• New hope for the lactose intolerant!

    One of the things that we strongly believe in here at Kivül Nutrition is that good health starts in the gut.  Our gut is the primary barrier between our insides and the outside. (Technically speaking anything inside our gut is outside of our bodies with layers of defenses between it and our bloo... View Post
  • 10 things you may not have known about the bugs living inside you

    Here we present a short primer about the microbes living in your digestive tract.  We call it "The Microbiome Crash Course".  It's not an exhaustive list since this is one of the hottest topics in primary research right now.  This could easily have been a hundred bullet points but we narrowed it ... View Post
  • Why am I eating?

    Ok.  So, you are feeling like you are finally ready to get healthy.  You are overweight, feeling sluggish and ready for a change.  You heard about this amazing diet and give it a go only to find that it doesn’t give the results you want or you rebound and gain back the weight you lost.  After thi... View Post